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Choices For Children (CFC) is an organization dedicated to enriching children’s lives through support and services to families and child care providers.  Since 1976, Choices for Children has provided innovative child care solutions to our supported communities, families, and child care providers.

From our offices in Alpine, El Dorado and Santa Clara Counties, Choices for Children operates several distinct programs: the Child Care Subsidy Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and Family, and Provider Services, including a public Resource and Referral program.  The professional staff at CFC, offer a full range of information and support for families and child care providers. 

These services include:

  • guidance in choosing a child care provider and assistance with financial and family resources
  • timely, accessible training and professional development opportunities and resources to support all child care providers
  • support in operating and licensing a quality child care facility
  • parent education and learning opportunities for young children
  • programs that promote health, wellness and nutrition in the community
  • support in advocating for families and child care providers

With strong community partnerships, CFC continues to expand our personalized, familiar, and culturally sensitive services.  Our staff and resources encompass a wide variety of culture perspectives and language requirements of the families we serve.

Through 32 individual contracts, our programs currently serve over 3000 child care providers, 3300 children, 2500 families, and support the feeding of 14,000 children and 1100 staff each month.

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Families receive adequate services/support in order to be empowered to raise healthy, competent, capable children.
Our Mission is to enrich children’s lives through innovative support, education and enhanced family and provider services.  Our programs put families at the center of a community of support services.
Our Programs reflect our commitment to strong families and communities.  We believe that when families have the services/support they need, they will be able to raise competent, capable children.   We believe that all children must have safe, secure, developmentally appropriate environments to fully experience the opportunities of childhood and reach full potential.

We support parent and provider resources and education in order to enhance the quality of children’s lives.   We provide a variety of services, empowering families to make informed choices which meet their unique needs.  We believe that we must continue to expand both child care capacity and quality in order to maximize the choices available.

We value our staff and assist them in providing the highest quality of services to our families.  Our staff reflect the diverse communities we serve. We strive to create a supportive, trusting environment in which each staff member is respected for their ideas, their work with families and their unique contributions.  We provide and support professional growth opportunities for all staff and encourage expanded leadership and new skills. We strive to be inclusive, respecting each client and each staff member’s dignity, worth and uniqueness.  We are responsive to the diverse and unique needs identified in the communities we serve.

We are committed to collaborative efforts that promote expansion of interconnected community services for families.  We encourage our communities to assume responsibility to children/families by providing, expanding and improving comprehensive services and healthy safe environments.

We understand that for our programs to be effective and accountable we must follow best practices in their operation.  Programs must take advantage of new technologies and respond to changing internal and external needs in order to provide optimal services.

Promotes Trust
Encourages People’s best work
Invests in people
Fosters Innovation

Choices For Children (CFC) is a business name for the group of services offered to communities, and Continuing Development Incorporated and Child Development Centers- CDICDC (  are the parent non-profit agencies. Choices For Children is also affiliated with Child Development, Inc., a child care management organization. Since 1969, CDI has operated child care center programs for children of all ages funded by parent fees, the federal government, and the California Department of Education.  With a broad base of experience, CDI also manages family and provider services funded by the State of California, Foundations, USDA and parent fees.
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